Solend Insurance Policy

This page specifies which pools are covered by the treasury. The goal is to clarify which scenarios will be covered and which won't. Some pools are riskier than others, and users should understand that they're entering at their own risk.

What's insured?

The Main pool is insured by the treasury.
Specifically, it covers:
  • Bad debt from untimely liquidations in insured pools.
  • Wrongful liquidations from oracle issues. This includes incorrect prices and price manipulation.
Other than Solend’s flagship pools, partnering protocols can opt into insuring their pools. All insured pools are marked on the UI with the “Insured” badge. If you are interested in getting your pool insured, DM Soju!
It is important to remember that Solend’s treasury payouts only come in extreme market situations or oracle failure. It is still vital for users to conduct due diligence on the oracles used or parameters set of every pool. Small-scale compensation due to a lack of due diligence will not be considered.