Does Solend have a token?

Yes. See here for a list of exchanges and trackers.

What was the IDO price?


What oracles does Solend use?

Solend uses Pyth, and Switchboard as a backup.
Chainlink is not on Solana mainnet.

When will Solend list X token?

Since Solend uses Pyth and Switchboard, it needs a feed from both in order to list an asset. Additionally, we evaluate each token's risk profile and only list it if it passes the bar.

Why are fees a couple dollars?

TL;DR it's only expensive the first time you use Solend.
Solana state accounts need to be created to store state about your positions on Solend. Some SOL is required to make these accounts rent-exempt. These fees are only paid once, the first time you interact with Solend. Read more.

What is Nope?

Nope Finance is a project that Solend acquired in June. Nope Finance already had the NOPE token, so Solend offered a conversion to bring the Nope community into Solend's.
Conversion can be done by following this guide.
To summarize, visit a Serum DEX client (e.g. Bonfida) and manually add the SLND/NOPE market. The market ID is L48mQEKqj4f9BAcokgbB2vZ29w8X8HaYS3njco5JfRH. The conversion rate is 346.15038 NOPE to 1 SLND. Details of this announcement are here.

Debugging FAQ

Transaction too large: 1317 > 1232

This is usually caused by having too many positions and trying to operate on SOL which uses WSOL under the hood. The extra work that needs to be done causes the transaction to be too large.
User has a total of 6 positions. Even though they have a tiny amount of borrows, each position counts.
Fix: Close one of your positions. This can be done by fully repaying one of your borrows, or fully withdrawing one of your deposits (other than SOL). You may have to buy some tokens to repay the tiny amount of debt for a borrow. Then try withdrawing SOL again.

Error: Transaction was not confirmed in 20.08 seconds. It is unknown if it succeeded or failed.

Try switching RPC Nodes.
If you still need help, join our Discord or open a Support Ticket.