Listing a Pool

Now that you have a filled out the Google sheet, we can begin pool listing.

Proceed to Solend’s All Pools page at:, and click on the “Create Pool” button on the top right corner.

You will be directed to the Permissionless Pool creator.

Panel 1 - Get Started

Creating your own pool requires an initialization fee of 200 SLND. You’ll get 20% of the borrow fees generated by this pool in return!

Panel 2 - Pool Overview

Next, type in the name of your pool and its description. Note that Solend automatically appends the word ‘Pool’ on the UI.

It will be displayed on Solend’s UI for users of your pool:

Panel 3 - Reserves Creation Page

You already have all of this information in your Google sheet! Simply copy and paste all the information over to these fields. Repeat until all the reserve details are keyed in.

Note that if you ever have to edit these details in the future, you will have to use our edit pool form here.

Panel 4 - Launch Pool

Hit "Register Pool" here and Solend will generate the pool creation transactions for you. Your wallet will pop up multiple times for you to approve certain transactions.

Make sure to do this step when the network is operating well as transactions might otherwise fail. Also note that you need around 0.2 SOL + some tokens of all the reserves you want to create.

After all the transactions go through, you can complete the pool creation process!

Panel 5 - Register Pool

This process hands authority over your pool over to Solend’s smart contracts, and further edits will have to be done through the Edit Pool form here. This is the final step, and your pool will appear on our UI after 5 minutes. Make sure to keep your token accounts open to receive 20% of borrow fees generated!

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