Now that you’ve created your pool, what’s next?

  1. Test the Pool

  2. Bootstrap the Pool

  3. Run Liquidator

  4. Marketing to Users

  5. Earn Borrow Fees

Test the Pool

Your pool is powered by the same contracts that power our Main & Isolated Pools and should work and feel the same.

Proceed to test the same actions (Deposit, Borrow, Repay or Withdraw) on your own pool.

Make sure your pool shows up correctly on the All Pools page and try it out by borrowing.

Bootstrap the Pool

When Solend launches a pool, it is usually bootstrapped with some small deposits & borrows to encourage activity and display a borrow APR. You can do the same by depositing and borrowing around $1,000~ in each reserve.

If you are listing a pool with a Governance Token + USDC, depositing some USDC for your users to borrow from is ideal.

Run Liquidator

After generating the lending market address, double check that the liquidator can liquidate this pool. Additionally, ensure that your liquidator is funded and operational.

Marketing to Users

Now that your pool is listed and bootstrapped, it’s ready for users to use it. Copy & paste the Permissionless Pool link and announce it to your community and potential users!

Earn Borrow Fees

The pool creator is entitled to 20% of all the borrow fees generated by the platform, while the depositors earn the supply interest.

Be sure to keep your token accounts open to receive your share of the borrow fees!

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