APIs: When in doubt, follow the data here. This config also includes oracles used, their addresses, refresh rates, and is better for integration.
For non devs, parameters are available in app by clicking any asset then clicking "More parameters"


Each reserve in Main or Isolated pool has these parameters that balance the supply & demand of the pool or governs the size of the loan you can take out (based on the quality and liquidity of the collateral asset).
The critical thing to remember is the borrow APR changes based on utilization. Utilization is Tokens Borrowed / Tokens Supplied. At 0% utilization, there is excess supply and no demand, while at 100% there is excess demand but no supply. Details are in Protocol Math & Fees.
Optimal utilization rate
Utilization where borrow APR starts to increase exponentially
Loan to value ratio
Borrow X% against your collateral
Liquidation penalty
% of your liquidated collateral to incentivize liquidators
Liquidation threshold
Account health that will trigger a liquidation
Min borrow APR
Borrow APR when Utilization = 0%
Optimal borrow APR
Borrow APR when at optimal utilization
Max borrow APR
Borrow APR when utilization = 100%
Borrow fee
Origination fee Solend keeps when you borrow
Flash loan fee
Origination fee Solend keeps when you borrow via flash loan
Host fee percentage
% of borrow fee kept by referral, UI or pool creator
Deposit limit
The cap of tokens that can be deposited into the pool
Borrow limit
The cap of tokens that can be borrowed into the pool

Recovery Mode:

Recovery Mode is triggered during times of heightened volatility or network congestion. During Recovery Mode, a council of contributors can make parameter changes with greater flexibility to minimize bad debt and damage to Solend and its users.
Note: These changes might lead to liquidations occurring, done so without liquidation penalty in market turmoil. These changes are made to reduce bad debt for Solend as a whole, and may lead to user positions being forced closed by liquidators without penalty.
When Recovery Mode triggers, announcements will be made on Twitter and in Solend's Discord. A Banner will also be added on the primary Solend UI at: