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Aurory Pool

Pool Description/Risks
AURY is the governance token of Aurory, a Solana-based blockchain gaming project. AURY can be used to purchase Nifties or used in-game as a utility token. Read more about their tokenomics here.
A possible risk with this pool is large unlock events causing volatile price changes, or slippages increasing as the price moves out of certain trading ranges. Do your own due diligence on AURY before investing in this pool.
The price of AURY is detected using a Switchboard oracle that pulls data from on-chain sources, and also centralized exchanges such as FTX and Huobi. Currently, prices will be updated every 60s, or when a 0.5% move occurs.
Switchboard currently employs an equal weighting mechanism, where the average of these three prices are taken. In times of market congestion, we will bump the OracleBatchSize to 5 to improve oracle reliability.