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Kamino USDH Pool

Pool Description/Risks
USDH is an over-collateralized stablecoin created by Hubble Protocol. Hubble allows users to mint stablecoins with a minting fee against quality crypto assets such as SOL, BTC and ETH. The USDH Pool offers an alternative use-case for USDH, collateralizing short positions with USDH or borrowing USDH with 0% borrow fees but a borrow APY for short term borrows.
The biggest risk of the USDH pool is exploit or smart contracts risks related to Hubble or the USDH stablecoin. Hubble is audited 5 times by leading audit firms but always DYODD!
The price of USDH is detected using a switchboard oracle that pulls data from Saber's USDH/USDC LP exchange rate.
Switchboard currently employs an equal weighting mechanism, where the average of these three prices are taken. In times of market congestion, Solend will bump the OracleBatchSize to 5 to improve oracle reliability.
Last modified 1yr ago