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Lending Pool

Pool Description/Risks
These are governance tokens of a variety of lending protocols on the Solana ecosystem.
They mostly have weak liquidity, with the exception of SLND with ~9MM of protocol owned liquidity. Parameters are set with this in mind, giving only 35% open LTV and 50% liquidation threshold to ensure that high slippage does not impact the overall health of the pool.
Each governance token has its associated risks such as smart contract risks of the underlying platform. (SLND -> Solend Platform smart contract risk).
The prices of these governance tokens are determined mainly using a Switchboard oracle that pulls data from on-chain sources, as well as centralized exchanges such as FTX or Ascendex. Currently, prices will be updated every 60s, or when a 0.5% move occurs.
Switchboard currently employs an equal weighting mechanism, where the average of these three prices are taken. In times of market congestion, we will bump the OracleBatchSize to 5 to improve oracle reliability.