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Shadow Pool

Pool Description/Risks
SHDW is the governance token of the Shadow Protocol, run by developers behind GenesysGo (RPC provider) and associated with the Shadowy Super Coders NFT. Read more about them here.
Its tokenomics are dominated by 50% going to NFT holders via staking. Its liquidity is reliant on additional SHDW rewards distributed on Orca & Raydium. This liquidity mining program is financed from SHDW’s strategic reserve in its tokenomics and has no estimated end date.
Some of the liquidity is provided via leverage yield farming (Tulip/Francium) which will cause liquidity to be more volatile after large price changes.
SHDW Token has minting enabled but no smart contract control for minting. There are no smart contract vulnerabilities for infinite minting or exploits to drain funds as of now.
The primary risk for SHDW is volatile price movement triggering liquidation for leveraged yield farmers, which reduces liquidity on chain for SHDW.
The price of SHDW is detected using a Switchboard oracle that pulls data from Orca's SHDW/SOL & SHDW/USDC pool, as well as the Serum Market ID. Currently, prices will be updated every 60s, or when a 0.5% move occurs.
Switchboard currently employs an equal weighting mechanism, where the average of these three prices are taken. In times of market congestion, we will bump the OracleBatchSize to 5 to improve oracle reliability.