Welcome to Solend!

Solend is a core DeFi primitive on Solana, that offers lending and borrowing on-chain. Integrating Solend improves capital efficiency by earning yields on idle funds, and empowers a large range of DeFi yield strategies to come to live.
Solend offers a kickback to integrations, allowing integrations to earn borrow fees or utilize our platform to generate higher yields or improve capital efficiency for your users.
Some ideas of integrations:
  • DeFi Vaults (e.g. Yearn)
  • GameFi game built on top of Solend mechanics
  • Streaming yield-bearing cTokens for payroll (e.g. Sablier)
  • Fixed yield protocol using cTokens
  • Historical APY dashboard
  • Margin Trading that borrows from Solend's reserves
  • Account liquidation saver (repay loans for subscriber at reduced penalty before they get liquidated)
  • Recursive deposit and borrow tool
  • Prize-linked savings account (e.g. PoolTogether)
Solend is one of the easiest platforms to integrate on Solana, with our open sourced codebase here and our SDK here. We also have a dev portal here and our APIs here.
Feel free to get a “Scribe” role and reach out on Discord at our #dev-support channel, or DM Soju on Telegram @Sojuuuu54.
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