Welcome to Solend!

Solend is a core DeFi primitive on Solana, that offers lending and borrowing on-chain. Integrating Solend improves capital efficiency by earning yields on idle funds, and empowers a large range of DeFi yield strategies to come to live.

Solend offers a kickback to integrations, allowing integrations to earn borrow fees or utilize our platform to generate higher yields or improve capital efficiency for your users.

Some ideas of integrations:

  • DeFi Vaults (e.g. Yearn)

  • GameFi game built on top of Solend mechanics

  • Streaming yield-bearing cTokens for payroll (e.g. Sablier)

  • Fixed yield protocol using cTokens

  • Historical APY dashboard

  • Margin Trading that borrows from Solend's reserves

  • Account liquidation saver (repay loans for subscriber at reduced penalty before they get liquidated)

  • Recursive deposit and borrow tool

  • Prize-linked savings account (e.g. PoolTogether)

Solend is one of the easiest platforms to integrate on Solana, with our open sourced codebase here and our SDK here. We also have a lightweight client which demos usage of the SDK. We also have a dev portal here and our APIs here.

Feel free to get a “Scribe” role and reach out on Discord at our #dev-support channel, or DM Soju on Telegram @Sojuuuu54.


The core team highly recommends testing on mainnet, on production! However, we maintain a devnet version of Solend. Devnet does not have as reliable oracles like mainnet, and to have all the latest features it's better to use production.

As native USDC is not on devnet as well, the actual token in our devnet reserves is just a token we minted. If you need it for testing, airdrop yourself SOL and deposit it into the program, to borrow "USDC" to test with.

The instructions is similar for both mainnet and devnet!

Alternatively, you can also fork Solend's code to test against. It is open-sourced here.

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