Managing a Pool

Permissionless pool creators have full ownership of their pools and can update parameters through the pool admin interface to add assets, update parameters, and update market properties

Pool admin page

If you are the owner of a permissionless pool, the "Edit pool" button will show. Clicking it opens the pool admin page.

Add asset

Pool owners may wish to list new assets. This can be achieved through the "Add reserve" panel on the admin admin page.

Update existing assets

Asset parameters can be updated through the "Update reserve" panel. Be aware that updates to the reserve should be taken seriously as they may lead to user liquidations. Pool owners may wish to update a reserve's configuration to reflect the underlying token's risk, update supply/borrow apys, deprecate a token, set outflow limit, etc...

⚠️ When in doubt, please reach out in the Solend Discord for assistance

It is recommended for pool owners to give their users a 2 week notice before executing reserve updates so users may tweak their positions accordingly.

Changes to reserves can be observed through the blockchain and surfaced to users through the reserve changelog which is accessible on the pool's page

Update market properties

A market contains one or more reserves and has control over its underlying reserves. Pool owners may use the update market config for the following reasons:

  • Transfer the market ownership to a different wallet or multisig ⛔️ Note: whoever holds the market owner, holds control over its reserves! If you accidentally send the market owner to the wrong address, nothing can be done to get it back so be extra careful when dealing with market property updates

  • Set global outflow limits for the market. This param limits the damage possible due to an exploit. Using the screenshot below as an example, it means that a maximum of $10M can be borrowed or withdrawn from the Cactus pool in a 4 hour period

⚠️ When in doubt, please reach out to the team on discord for assistance

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