Debugging FAQ

Debugging FAQ

Transaction too large: 1317 > 1232

Usually caused by having too many positions and trying to operate on SOL which uses WSOL under the hood. The extra work that needs to be done causes the transaction to be too large.

Fix: Close one of your positions. This can be done by fully repaying one of your borrows, or fully withdrawing one of your deposits (other than SOL). You may have to buy some tokens to repay the tiny amount of debt for a borrow. Then try withdrawing SOL again.

Error: Transaction was not confirmed in >60 seconds. It is unknown if it succeeded or failed.

Confirm whether the transaction went through by using a Solana Explorer, either SolanaFM or Solscan to check whether the transaction went through. Alternatively, you can wait for a few minutes to see if your transaction is reflected on the platform. If not, try switching RPC Nodes.

Error: User rejected the request

Usually a ledger issue or RPC issues, refresh and try again.

Error: Account is already initialized

Caused by a lack of SOL / unable to pay rent for account creation. Ensure that the wallet has 0.1 SOL.

Error: Input Oracle Config

This happens when Switchboard/Pyth is not pushing price updates, usually due to network congestion. Try again later when TPS is higher, or flag the situation in Discord.

Error: SOL disappeared

If a transaction fails, you might get wrapped SOL instead of SOL. This may look like your SOL disappeared, simply go to Jupiter to swap wSOL back into SOL.

It will look like this:

If you still need help, come join our Discord or open a Support Ticket.

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